Plastic Fabrication

In response to a growing demand for specialty applications in industrial and infrastructure projects, the use of plastics as an alternative to conventional materials such as metals, stainless steel, GRP or concrete is growing rapidly.

Due to their superior properties and advantages in terms of their light weight, resistance to chemicals and corrosion, longevity and flexibility, plastic materials such as HDPE, PP, PVDF or ECTFE offer a wide range of usage possibilities in potable water, high purity systems, chemical containment and water treatment applications.

Based on its vast experience in the field, BMC Gulf has established a fully equipped workshop to cater to the demands and special requirements of its clients.

CNC operated welding equipment, a strict quality control and testing procedures as well as trained and certified welding specialists under supervision of experienced fabrication engineers guarantee finished products that meet the highest standards in the market and provide many years of trouble free operation.

Whatever shape, size, application, usage or design, BMC will provide you with a professionally engineered solution that satisfies your requirement.