LEISTER PLastic Welding

Plastic Fabrication

In apparatus and container construction with thermoplastic plastics, everything has to be welded perfectly from the beginning.

Civil Engineering and Tunnel Construction

When it really matters, you can rely on Leister. Whether it’s a landfill site, crab farm, canal or mine.


First rate quality is called for when laying and welding roofing membranes. After all, small errors can have expensive repercussions.


Floor covering can be laid efficiently and effortlessly using the highly flexible machines from Leister.

Industrial Fabrics

Whether coated fabric, foils or waterproof sheeting made of PVC, PE, PP, etc.: Leister welds all types of industrial fabrics perfectly with mobile, handy, ...


Shrinkable plastics simplify many of the work processes today, especially when processed using the reliable, versatile equipment from Leister.

Vehicle Repairs

Repair welding and moulding of bumpers, spoilers, air conditioning systems, heater units and fluid containers is child's play with the reliable ....